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The beauty institute in Chambery

Welcome to the beauty institute “Flocon des Princes” in center of in center of Chambéry.

Caroline, Jessica, Lucile and Josephine welcome you, for a moment deep relaxation for body and mind. 

Discover our list of facial treatments and massages adapted to each and our organic beauty products “Green Skin Care” and “Miss W”. Two French brands certificated bio and ecocert. 

Our team is welcoming you from 9h00 to 19h30. From Monday to Saturday. (Except for Wednesday).


Soins & Massages – Flocon des Princes
Durée min. de réservation:
30 min
Durée max. de réservation:
1 h30 min

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Facial Treatments

• Treatment “Elixir” – 30 min 35€

“Quick” Facial Treatment. To smooth and for deep regeneration of the skin.  

Treatment “Snowflake Prince” – 1h 65€ 

Full Treatment for face and chest to nourish, sculpting and remodeling the skin. It includes a massage that is allowing you to relieve everyday tension for a moment of deep relaxation and sweetness. 

• Treatment  “Cotton Escape” – 1h30 90€ 

Special treatment for those who want to take an incredible sensorial journey. You will live a unique moment of relaxation, discovering hidden sensation of your face. 
An unforgettable treatment that combines manual technics, brushes and quartz stones massage for an immediate result. 

• Treatment “Copacabana Escape” – 1h30 90€ 

Wellness treatment that includes facial, back and legs massage. A moment of deep relaxation with the focus of letting yourself feeling light. Let yourself go thanks to his sensory approach associated to a gentle massage.  

• Ritual “Snowflake” – 2h00 130€

Complete body treatment that combines 1 hour of full body massage followed by “Snowflake Princes” facial treatment.  

• 1/2 Day spa at the “Flocon des Princes” 4h 210€

You need to break away from your daily routine and stress. Come and let you pamper for a half-day of relaxation. Starting from our Spa (sauna, hammam and jacuzzi) followed by an exfoliation, wellness massage, facial treatment and finishing by tea and macaroons from “Cédric Pernot”. 

• Facial treatment for men BIO 50min 59€

Facial treatment adapted specific for men needs. This treatment allows to build up a protection for your skin against daily environmental influences (shaving, pollution, stress, tiredness…). Your skin will find his strength and balance again. 


• Massage “Ecrin” (back and head) – 30 min     35€ 

Gentle and enveloping massage allowing you to recharge yourself. A moment of deep relaxation for the body and mind.

• Massage “Snowflake” – 1h 69€

Massage that combines deep tissue with gentle manual technics. 

• Massage “Soft Cocoon” (for pregnant women) – 1h 69€ 

A fluid, gentle and enveloping massage specific for pregnant woman. Focus on their well-being using adapted technics to release for back and legs.  

• Foot reflexology massage – 1h      69€ 

Special massage to restore the balance in your body using special pressure points on your feet. You will feel relaxed, full of energy and light.

• Massage Tibetan – 1h30      90€ 

Traditional ritual from the Himalayan highland inspired from the oriental Tibetan philosophy. It combines the singing of the traditional Tibetan bowls and deep, enveloping and relaxing massage, for harmonize body and spirit and to restore the energy.  

• Massage Tam – Quât – 1h30     90€ 

Ancestral Vietnamize and Buddhist Ritual. This massage is stimulating and activating the body for restoring the vital energy. 

• Deep tissue massage – 1h30       90€ 

Deep and active massage that promote your well-being, relaxation and dissolve muscle tension. The massage relieves back pain, reduces tiredness muscles, and reduces stress. Massage performed on a futon with passive stretch movements or on a massage table. 

• Massage 4 seasons – 1h      98€

Discover a moment of full detention with this 4 hands massage. Depending on the season you chose you will have differentiations sensations and feelings. 

• Massage 4 seasons – 1h30      138€

Discover a moment of full detention with this 4 hands massage 1:30. Depending on the season you chose you will have differentiations sensations and feelings. 

Couple massage – 1H      138€ 

Shared the exclusive relaxation with your love, with a friend or for mother/daughter. An unforgettable moment of well-being for those who wants to share it. 

• Couple massage “Romantic” – 1h 165€

Share a moment of complete relaxation with your love or with a friend. A memorable moment of well-being followed by Champagne and macaroon from “Cédric Pernot”. 

• Couple massage – 1h30 180€

Shared the exclusive relaxation with your love, with a friend or for mother/daughter. An unforgettable moment of well-being for those who wants to share it. 

• 1/2 Day spa at the “Flocon des Princes” Couple – 4H 420€

Let yourself be papered half day long into a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Ideal for people who are looking for a sensory experience. The best way to escape from daily routine and the stress. Immerse yourself in our cocoon of soothing warmth, starting from our Spa (sauna, hammam and jacuzzi) followed by a body scrub, a wellness massage and facial treatment. Ending with accompaniment of champagne and macaroons from “Cédric Pernot”. 

• Couple massage “Tea Time”- 1H30      150€ 

Moment of exclusive relaxation together with your love, friend or for a moment mother/daughter. An unforgettable moment of well-being for those who wants to share the moment of massage. Followed by pastries from “Cédric Pernot”, fruit juice and tea are included. 

Treatment for Children

• Facial treatment “Love Apple” – 30min     25€

Adapted facial treatment for children skin. 

• Massage “Macaron” – 30 min     25€

Adapted massage to children’s needs. They can choose between back and legs or back and head massage. 

• Ritual gourmandise – 1h15      55€

Treatment “Love Apple” and massage “Macaron” with a sweet finish (fruit juice and candies). 

For a party or a birthday or just for fun, do not forget the good gifts The Snowflake of the Prince participates in the happiness of your children by bringing them all our know-how.

Initiation au massage

• Introduction to baby massage (from 1 to 8 months) – 45min 35 €

For your little one, it is a moment of relaxation and discovering their own body. It allows parents to create a deep bond with the baby, a moment of exchange, of complicity and of tenderness. As mother of two children, the wellness massage has allowed me to create a bond, a complicity with my little ones as well being able to relieve their little pains. Nowadays they grow up, it is them that ask me a massage, and this make our complicity greater. 

• Introduction of the art of massage with mother and child (from 5 years) – 1h45 95€

Our babies grow up, how to relax them after a busy day ? Discover with your child a unique moment creating a special bond and a privilege (relation). Learn simple technics in form of a game creating a moment of well-being and relaxation, making you child as happy as possible. To make it as unforgettable as possible a hot chocolate and candies are accompanying you. 

• Introduction to the art of massage – 3h 220€ (includes 150ml massage butter)

Discover the art of wellness massage. Sharing a new experience with your love, friend or between mother/daughter learning the basics gestures of massage, where to mass and which pressure to use in simplicity. It will create a special bond between you and your next.