Hôtel des Princes Chambéry


A Massage institut in the center of Chambery

The Flocon des Princes Institute in Chambéry, welcomes you for a moment of relaxation with treatments & massages.


Réservation at 0479851518


Or by mail :




You can now please yourself or a loved one by buying a treatment or massage directly on the site.




Le Flocon des princes – 1h 65€ 


Complete facial and cleavage treatment, nourishing, sculpting and remodeling in which you will find a massage that will make you lose the tension of everyday life for a moment of relaxation and softness. 



• L’évasion de coton – 1h30 90€ 


Exceptional and innovative care that will allow you to make an incredible sensory journey. You will experience an unprecedented moment of relaxation and discover all the sensations that every part of your face hides.
Manual maneuvers accompanied by brushstrokes and quartz stones will leave you an unforgettable memory for an immediate result.



• L’évasion Copacabana – 1h30 90€ 


Well-being care of the face, back and legs, a moment of totally immediate relaxation, or each part of your being will be lightness.
A real release thanks to its sensory approach combined with massage techniques while lightness and subtlety. 



• L’ Éléxir – 30 min 35€


Quick care to restore soothed skin, regenerated in depth. 



• Le rituel des flocons – 2h00 130€


Complete treatment in the cabin with your snowflake treatment of the princes followed by a massage of 1h.




• Soft Cocoon (pregnant woman) – 1h 69€ 


Fluid, slow and enveloping massage, the soft cocoon massage accompanies the upheavals that the pregnant woman knows for many months to bring a real well-being, relaxation, a soft gesture on the legs and the back, in order to relieve the tensions that have accumulated theres.


• Réflexologie Plantaire – 1h      69€ 


This massage helps restore balance and soothe your body gently , you will feel relaxed, light invaded by a wave of well-being.


• Tibétain – 1h30      90€ 


The massage with singing bowls, is a ritual that makes us travel to the Himalayan highlands inspired by ancestral gestures.
Deep massage, enveloping and relaxing, intended to relieve tensions and allows to energetically rebalance the body. 


• Tam – Quât – 1h30     90€ 


This ancestral Vietnamese and Buddhist ritual is a toning and energizing massage, eliminates physical, mental tensions and restores vitality. 


• Musculaire – 1h30       90€ 


Deep and stimulating massage thus promoting well-being, relaxation and decreases muscle tension. This massage helps to relieve back pain, reduce the state of anxiety and soothe tired muscles (Floor massage on futon with stretching). 


• Le 4 Saisons – 1h      98€


Enjoy a pure moment of relaxation with this massage with 4 hands. Different feelings and sensations depending on the chosen season.


• Le 4 Saisons – 1h30      138€


Enjoy a pure moment of relaxation with this 1.5 hour 4-hand massage. Different feelings and sensations will depend on the chosen season.



Duo – 1H      138€ 


VShare an exclusive relaxation break, relax together with the loved one, with friends or for a mother-daughter massage, an unforgettable moment of well-being for those who share it. 


• Duo Tea Time- 1H30      150€ 


Come share an exclusive relaxation break, relax together with the loved one, with friends or for a mother-daughter massage, an unforgettable moment of well-being for those who share it. And to finish in beauty, champagne and macaroons will be served at the end of treatments for a last gourmet note. 


• L’écrin (dos, cuir chevelu) – 30 min     35€ 


Gentle and enveloping massage allowing you to relax for a moment of absolute relaxation of body and mind. 


For our Princes & Princess


• Soin pomme d’amour – 30min     25€

Face care for our little princesses.


• Soin macaron – 30 min     25€

Back and head massage or Back and legs massage

• La gourmandise – 1h15      55€


The ritual of our princesses, facial treatment apple of love, massage macaroon, beautification with fruit juice and sweets.


For a party or a birthday or just for fun, do not forget the good gifts The Snowflake of the Prince participates in the happiness of your children by bringing them all our know-how.