Hôtel des Princes Chambéry

Catégorie : destination

Savoy department

Which other territory offers four large lakes at the bottom of mountains? An exceptional environment for a multifaceted lake discovery

Lac d’Aiguebelette

Peaceful waters with multiple reflections, lush aquatic fauna and flora, photogenic boathouses, small houses on stilts, enchanting islands…

Aix Riviera

Discover the largest natural lake in France!

Massif des Bauges

Located between Chambéry, Aix-les-Bains, Annecy and Albertville, the Massif des Bauges Regional Natural Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in 2011 obtained the Geoparc Label.


Chambéry… The charm of its secret traboules, surprising trompe-l’oeil, the warm colors of its historic heart…